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Emerging Brand Sales Broker

Meet Greg

A CPG Sales Expert 


Your product is incredible. Sales means getting access to more stores.

I am the person committed and experienced enough to help you grow.


I have grown sales and placement for consumer product goods (CPG) for over 20 years. I have consistently created results by doing what it takes AND staying true to a brands core values.


I'm an expert in all sales techniques including cold calls blitzing, and follow up, follow up, follow up. This includes warm calls, trade show follow ups, and revitalizing old customers.

I also believe that every organization starts with the people, and at the end of the day those people buy from other people they like and trust. It is this belief that has allowed me to create consistent results for my clients.

I'm ready to grow your visibility and get you placement in more retailers with more sales added to your bottom line. Let's meet and see if you would be a great fit for each other.


What I Will Do For You

Clarify Your

Sales Goals

Grow Your Sales & Retail Placement

Sell Consistent With The Heart Of Your Brand

Create A Personalized Growth Plan


1/  Meet to discuss your goals and current sales.

2/  I send a scope of service, quote for retainer or commission structure.

3/  You send your list of clients and payment.

4/  I start creating new sales relationships with you and grow your sales.

I love to grow brands and consumer products that help, grow, nourish, improve, and bring joy to their clients. 

[Greg is] easy to work with and has an accountable approach.

- Kelly G.

Greg has the knowledge to know when to push the promotion of a product and when to let it sell itself. This consultative approach is valued when determining my orders and my liquor sales have increased considerably over the past year.

- Lon M.
Store Manager #93

Greg delivered, as promised, the right product at the right price for all our departments. His attention to detail made our purchasing process easier as well as invoicing. 

- Duy T.


Let's Meet & See If It's A Good Fit


Are you ready to consider new sales representation?

Sign up now for a 30 minute call and let's find out how I can help you grow.

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